Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Definition

Few days back, someone asked me to define “Success”. My answer was “it is a word that starts and ends where it started – with letter “S”.
As per Wiktionary it is “the achievement of one's aim or goal”. It is amazing, everyone works so hard to be successful, we all define it differently for ourselves, achieve what we set out for and little later, alone and thinking, we wonder “did I?” There starts the search all over again, trying something new, something bigger to call ourselves successful again. Doesn’t the search ends where it began? Discovering ourselves…
We were successful taking that first step, we knew ourselves much better when we were kids and then started the “great learning”, something that took us away from what we are.

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Ionela said...

beautiful words with a deep meaning :)
as Anthony Robbins says in his book 'the Unlimited Power', the root of success lies in simply acknowledging that we are a success simply by existing and striving to be better - the solid foundation of our 'house' -.
All that comes afterwards, social status, good career track, financial independence, building a family, being a good parent, comes naturally, as the upper built floors of a building.

One might think that this isn't the discovery of the century, but common sense, so I challenge him to 'set up a filter' and do a little experiment: scan the people you encounter in a week and try to observe how many follow the -reversed order- 'inside the definition'.

may god bless us and this day :)