Sunday, August 8, 2010

Break the bell...

We in our lives have been haunted by the Bell, I am talking of bell curve that most statisticians are proud of. They find it comforting in dividing the population into the groups of below average, average (or as some call them normal) and above average (they are at times called abnormal as they do most stuff that average person doesn't do or understand).
It is both ironic and interesting that most find it comforting being part of the average group. Is it because everyone is doing that and I am supposed to do the same or nobody will question me if I did the same or it helps in hiding in the group (on an average we are a bunch of scared and shy people…), I don’t want to comment on, but, I am certain we all look upon the people on the right hand side of the curve. They appear to be happier, wealthier and better in most aspects of life.
Few would tell you how to get there and fewer would help you to get there, I was faced by the same challenge and that is when I got introduced to NLP. One of my good friends Vikkrum Sagar told me about the concept while I was discussing Self-hypnosis with him and since then things started to change around me. I met some wonderful people; I started looking at life differently and was mostly amused by what happens around me.
Welcome to the amazing world of NLP!!!
NLP is the science of excellence, it was put together by studying people who were very effective in whatever they did, many were not even aware of how they did whatever they did, but, one thing was clear, they were all doing something that an average therapist or psychologist was not doing. The study expanded as many got fascinated by results and soon people were studying effective, sales people, negotiators, businessmen, leaders and so on and so forth. NLP continues to grow even today with more and more practitioners, master practitioner studying and contributing to this science of excellence.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vote For Change - Terrorism in India

India was introduced to terrorism in three forms. Terrorism from north-east has been a result of frustration in educated youth and poor development. The problem has not been addressed till now, only attempt was made by setting up north east developmental council. As much I get to hear from my friends from that region, nothing substantial is visible on ground. It can be noted that terror in north-east is predominantly regional and not religious. Terrorism from Punjab was an offshoot of a political move by a prominent political party to tame growth of Akalis in post emergency era. Though seeds were sown many years ago, but they failed every time as Sikhs could not accept alienation from nation. This movement died quickly as Sikhs as community remain committed to national cause. Some sporadic incidents (mostly comments) may happen, but they are of no major significance. Now we come to third and most potent form and that is from J&K. It is interesting how this was dormant for many years. Again frustrated youth from J&K initially supported militancy. I remember an article in late seventies that described how money meant for development ended up with ten prominent families of J&K and no prize for guessing that they were all political families. Terrorism from Kashmir soon acquired serious proportions, thanks to support from across the border and its close association with a particular religion that gave it the name of Jihad. Our political leaders have not helped because they continue to alienate one community to nurture their vote banks. This community is repeatedly told how insecure they are, yet none take any affirmative action (no I am not talking of reservation here) to bring this community in main stream. Some will be surprised that it was NDA government that encouraged education in madrasas at par with other schools so that students from Madarsas could compete at level ground, and I know several embraced the idea, yet, a large chunk of politicians projected it as attack on their culture (wake-up across world Muslims learn technology and do well) and made the community more insecure. Primarily you cannot term terrorist attack during a regime as reason to claim inefficiency of government. You must consider the response. Now consider this
1) what was the response of Akshardham attack, can you recollect any other major attack in Gujarat, yes there were several attempts. What Modi government did well was it nipped it in the bud. Major crackdown on crime is one such initiative.
2) You must agree that terrorism has to be supported by criminals, be it Dawood or Chhota shakeel; they use their network and people. For long time security agencies have been screaming hoarse about growing threat from illegal migrants from Bangladesh, Can you recollect any action taken by this government?
3) Can you buy a Kolkata SIM in Pakistan, I guess no. What is UPA government response to Taj Attack – handiwork of Pakistan. Come on... our security is not Zardari's responsibility, and if you ask security experts they would tell you that such attacks cannot be executed without local support that most certainly came from gangs operating in Mumbai. Blaming on Pakistan can never absolve you of your responsibility; you may also compare this to parliament attack response from NDA government. NDA government was quick to work on local links of attackers along with taking it up strongly with Pakistan and other countries.
UPA government's failure in handling aftermath of Taj is clearly demonstrated how India failed to garner support from international community. By blaming everything on Pakistan, they also made sure that terrorists local links remain un-investigated. This can only lead to bigger problem at a later date. Is UPA government willing to take the responsibility???

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Guru!

Sri Sri Ravi Shanker
Whatever I am writing in this blog is all dedicated to my guru. Guru, who is the ultimate; he who holds your finger and guides you through your life, shows you light when its dark. He is with you when you feel like leaving your own company. The embodiment of love and wisdom. He who speaks through you and smiles while you get the credit. I have felt his presence every time I needed him. He gave me strength when I was week. He gave me company while I was lonely. i feel him talking to me, answering my queries without me asking him. It is he who inspired me to expand and share my thoughts. If there is something I did not write correctly, it is lack of my understanding, i know he will be graceful to grant me wisdom.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Definition

Few days back, someone asked me to define “Success”. My answer was “it is a word that starts and ends where it started – with letter “S”.
As per Wiktionary it is “the achievement of one's aim or goal”. It is amazing, everyone works so hard to be successful, we all define it differently for ourselves, achieve what we set out for and little later, alone and thinking, we wonder “did I?” There starts the search all over again, trying something new, something bigger to call ourselves successful again. Doesn’t the search ends where it began? Discovering ourselves…
We were successful taking that first step, we knew ourselves much better when we were kids and then started the “great learning”, something that took us away from what we are.